Enterprise Feature Alert: Personalize Your Workflows With Custom Fields

We know that organizations and teams often have their own ways of categorizing and segmenting their literature libraries, which may include managing multiple spreadsheets, systems, or individualized ways of sorting, filtering, and grouping content.  But we also know that not all literature management software options are flexible enough to accommodate this level of personalization. This…

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Mitigating The ‘Cost’ of Internal Change

Cost of change blog image

Change is crucial for all organizations. It’s also inevitable. Change requires adjustment—not just from the organization in the forms of money or time, but from the employees who will adapt to the changing workplace. Whether it’s a move to a new office location or the adoption of new software, the onus is on employees to…

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Collaborating Successfully While Working Remotely

Collaboration Tools Feature Image

As remote work has become the norm over the past year, the need for virtual collaboration among employees is critical.  To learn more about how teams work together from home, frequent blogger Jill Shuman reached out to several different folks in multiple industries to learn more about popular collaboration tools. Project Management:  It can be…

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The Benefits of Centralized Content Management

Centralized Content Management feature image

In the ‘olden days,’ corporations purchased print subscriptions to journals of interest for their on-site libraries, and employees came to the library and read at their leisure, instead of using a centralized content management system.  Or perhaps they made a copyright-compliant photocopy of the article and took it back to their desks, always leaving the…

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