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From reports to clinical trials, ReadCube helps you organize your team’s research, so you can more easily share critical medical information.


Centralized Literature Management Capabilities

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Transform how your team works with scholarly literature.

ReadCube’s scalable literature management solution makes it simple for your team to organize, create custom workflows, and stay on top of the latest developments in research.

Innovate together.

Shared libraries and annotations make it easy to align with your team on what’s crucial, so you feel confident in your understanding of the research.

Organize the way you want.

ReadCube’s flexible interface gives you the power to organize literature the way that works best for your team - so you don’t need to worry about wasting time searching for content.

Stay on top of research.

Powerful recommendation engines keep you in the loop with the latest on relevant research, and article metrics can help your team quantify the real-life impact of various literature.

Share your knowledge.

ReadCube’s SmartCite tool lets your team cite while you write, with over 10,000 reference styles to choose from, so you can share your learnings with the world sooner.

"While the 'cost of changing' can be a concern for organizations looking at new processes/solutions, the benefits of switching to ReadCube has far outweighed the cost of making the change. The entire experience has been overwhelmingly positive - a true “success story” for us here at the SIC and for our knowledge workers in the different Business Units across the company."