Advanced Literature management solutions

Streamline your organization’s research with ReadCube’s powerful literature management solutions that help you get back to the innovation that truly matters.


ReadCube’s robust suite of library features streamlines your research and keeps you one step ahead.

From startups to global organizations - ReadCube’s focus on efficiency, security, collaboration, and interoperability makes it possible for you to concentrate on tomorrow’s breakthroughs and world-changing discoveries.

Centralized Library

Keep track of what’s important

Organize with customizable tags, lists, and article ratings

Share information and understanding with libraries, annotations, and collections

Easily find what you need with powerful built-in search engines

Connect to relevant research with personalized recommendations

Organizing scholarly literature is a job in itself. With ReadCube, you and your team can feel in control of your research so you can focus on making a difference.

Subscriptions & Holdings
Document Delivery
Literature Workflows

No matter what team you are on,
ReadCube gets you back to the innovation that truly matters.


Keep your team up to date on the latest relevant research with ReadCube’s customizable literature workflows.

Research & Development

Stay ahead of the competition with personalized article recommendations and advanced content discovery tools.

Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

Simplify your day to day with the ability to automate predetermined searches of medical literature to fulfill global monitoring obligations.

Library/Knowledge Management

Stay in control of your company’s vast libraries with ReadCube’s advanced organization features and customizable workflows.

From startups to leading global organizations, hundreds of companies trust ReadCube’s award-winning platform to transform the way their team works with scholarly literature.

"It’s incredibly well designed and because of that there’s a snowball effect in how often people use the platform."