Medscape Case Study

Accelerating Productivity & Effortless Workflows at Medscape

A Case Study in Seamless Collaboration and Enhanced Productivity

Founded in 1995, Medscape Education is a recognised and trusted medical education provider, the largest of its kind. With hundreds of staff across the globe, an organized approach to reference management and research discovery is essential given the volume of literature its teams access every day.

Between Medscape Education’s Editorial Coordinators, Content Production Editors, and Medical Copy Editors, each individual must be able to effectively collect and curate research materials in order to do their job. Similarly, Medscape Education’s Medical Education Directors must gather relevant journals and references to develop the organization’s CME programmes.

Previously, documents were scattered across individual employees’ computers, often with multiple downloads of the same document. This poor document management was hindering Medscape Education’s productivity, costing the business both time and money.

The solution? ReadCube. Medscape Education incorporated ReadCube into their team’s workflow to seamlessly create a centralized library with thousands of references.


"ReadCube has become an integral part of how Medscape Education organizes and manages its research literature. It's effective, easy to use and saves us time, so we can focus on what matters"

Download the full case study to learn more about:

  • Factors driving the switch from Medscape's legacy literature management & document delivery solutions
  • Why Medscape chose Readcube
  • Key features and the adoption throughout the team
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