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Access the literature you need with ReadCube’s document delivery, personalized recommendations, and integrations with your team’s external subscriptions.


Centralized Literature Management Capabilities

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Transform how your team works with scholarly literature

ReadCube’s scalable literature management solution makes it simple for your team to organize, create custom workflows, and stay on top of the latest developments in research.

Full text access.

Built-in document delivery and integrations with external subscriptions make full text access simple and efficient.

Stay on top of research.

Powerful recommendation engines keep you in the loop with the latest on relevant research.

Understand an article’s impact.

Article metrics can help your team quantify the real-life impact of various literature, as well as automatically keeping you up to date on retracted articles.

Organize the way you want.

ReadCube’s flexible interface gives you the power to organize literature the way that works best for your team - so you don’t need to worry about wasting time searching for content.

"It’s incredibly well designed and because of that there’s a snowball effect in how often people use the platform."