SmartCite for Google Docs

Our Google Docs-compatible citation tool makes writing your next paper a breeze. SmartCite is fast, easy-to-use, supports over 9000+ styles, and most importantly, makes it easy to collaborate on documents with colleagues.

Step 1: Get Papers

If you are a ReadCube subscriber, you can skip to Step 2. If you are not currently a ReadCube subscriber, but would like access to SmartCite, you will need to sign up for a Papers account. With a Papers account, you will be able to try all of our reference management features (including SmartCite) as part of our no obligation 30 day trial.

Step 2: Add SmartCite Add-In to Google Docs

In Google Docs, go to "Add-Ons" and select "Get add-ons" to be taken to Google Marketplace. Search for "SmartCite", select and install.

You'll be prompted to log in via your Papers account. Once you've done so, your library will appear in the right sidebar.

Step 3: Start Citing!

You can search your library or click on a list or tag library to browse through the various folders. When you've found the reference you are looking for, check the box to the left of the reference and click "Insert" at the bottom of the panel.

Get Add-Ons Copy
SmartCite in G Suite Marketplace
ReadCube Papers SmartCite panel with Word

Step 4: Inserting your Bibliography

Whenever you are ready, go to "Bibliography" and choose from over 8000 citation styles - we will take care of the formatting! Click "Insert Bibliography" to add it to your documents. Need to change your style?  No problem - simply select a new style and click on "Update Bibliography".

Want to keep a shortlist of frequently used styles? Click the heart to favorite a style and see your style favorites list at the bottom of the "Bibliography" section.


Step 5: Collaborate with Other Authors

Want to share your paper with a colleague who uses Papers? Simply share them the Google Doc. When they launch SmartCite, all your references will automatically be indexed and they can continue working on the document seamlessly.

If your colleague is not currently a user, they can take advantage of our  30-day no obligation trial!

Alternatively, you can also easily export your references from Papers web/desktop apps for use in other citation tools like EndNote.