Release Notes


We love our users, and to that end, we thought we would release this update a little earlier than we had planned. This update brings a few new features and polish to some other things.

Watch Folders

For those of you that used the old apps, this should be a welcome feature! We have added “Watch Folders” into the desktop app. Watch folders allow you to select a folder on your local computer to “watch.” Anytime a PDF is put into that folder, it automatically adds it to the library of your choosing. This means you can have your Downloads folder automatically add any PDFs you put there to be uploaded into your library. You can access the watch folder settings from the file management tab and scroll all the way to the bottom.

You can add multiple watch folders and each one can go to a separate library.

Citation Panel V2

We received a lot of positive feedback from the citation panel that we added last time. A lot of people were hoping we could add it to the right-hand panel of the library and so we did!

This also allows you to quickly scroll down the library list and grab some handy citations in the format you want. Keep the feedback coming and let us know!

Tag Search

Some people have a lot of tags, and they were having trouble keeping track of all of them. We went through a couple of ways to make this easier and landed on one that we think will work for everyone. Instead of scrolling through all of your tags, when you click on the button we will only load 10 at a time so your library sidebar doesn’t fall off of the earth. We also added the ability to search your keywords – just in case you can’t remember the exact cat tag you are searching for.

Enhanced PDF Dark Mode

Last but not least we added Dark Mode to the Enhanced PDF. To switch, just click the toggle at the top and you can easily switch between the default and the new dark mode.

That’s it for this week. Our developers are already getting ready for the next release. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at