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With ReadCube’s unique Enhanced PDF viewer, you can read faster and more effectively thanks to features like:

  • Supplements and Related Materials
  • Clickable inline references
  • Citations and Article Metrics
  • Full Reference List
  • High Resolution Figure Browser
  • 1-click author searches
  • Related articles
  • Annotation and highlighting tools
  • Full Screen Viewer

Search & Discover More.

Search across your favorite search engines to find the literature you need fast including Dimensions.ai, Google Scholar & PubMed.

Enjoy 1-click downloads to quickly add references and full-text PDFs to your library.

Add ReadCube’s Chrome Extension and add articles directly while browsing the web.

Get daily personalized article recommendations based on your library - ensuring you never miss an important paper again.

Save Time, Get Organized.

Throw out those folders of uncategorized papers on your desktop and let ReadCube organize your library in seconds.

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Sync to Every Device.


Securely sync your entire library including notes, lists, annotations, and even highlights across all of your devices including your desktop (Mac/PC), mobile devices (iOS/Android/Kindle) or even through the Web.

Plus enjoy unlimited cloud storage space for your growing ReadCube library.


Cite Faster.

Use SmartCite to add references from your ReadCube library to your Word® 2016 documents.

Over 8000 citation styles to choose from!

Easily export ReadCube references for use with other citation tools such as EndNote, Zotero, Refworks, Overleaf and many more.

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Team Collaboration.


Tackle the latest literature as a team anywhere, anytime.

With ReadCube Teams, unlock private team spaces where you and your lab members can privately share and store articles & references, access team-level discovery tools, share notes and annotations, collaboratively write manuscripts or simply get organized - all within a single app.

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Testimonials. Feel the love

  • "I love that everything is inline! The enhanced PDF allows me to use the more easily-readable and more organized PDF format while retaining (and even improving) the functionality of an online-accessed, full-text article with hyperlinked references and supplements"
    Jordan Reuter
    Microbiology and Cell Science student
    University of Florida
  • "I think that ReadCube is the best product on the market for managing a collection of papers. I have tried managing my collection of articles manually, and I have also tried using other management programs, and I believe that ReadCube is the best tool out there. I love that it will let me use my campus proxy wherever I have access to the internet. I find that it's UI is intuitive and powerful."
    Daniel Burkhardt
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • "I think that ReadCube is the best academic application I have ever used. It encompasses everything I need in a reference manager but in a very simple and stylish way, which is why I avidly recommend ReadCube to all my work colleagues."
    Vanessa Tubb
    University of Birmingham
  • "I have been using ReadCube for over past two years successfully. I am really impressed with software - user friendly, very fast and compatibility with pubmed, acrobat and endnote. I've even presented this software in our journal club to all the researchers in the lab and even convinced my prof to start using this software :)."
    Saran Kumar
    National University Of Singapore
  • "Because I have seen both the difficulties of researching topics while struggling to stay organized and the ease of organization after ReadCube - I feel that writing, researching, and just keeping up with current practices has become so much easier when using this awesome program!"
    Isaiah Pacheco
    University of New Mexico
  • "The ability to search for, download and read articles from PubMed or Google Scholar within the software itself, to annotate or make notes on each article, and my absolute favorite feature, the lists!!! It makes the reading and writing part of my job SO much easier!"
    Antoinette Bailey
    California Institute of Technology

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