Your personal library of research

Papers helps you collect and curate the research material that you're passionate about.

This award winning reference manager will improve the way you find, organize, read, cite and share.


Federated search across 20+ search engines. From PubMed and Scopus to arXiv and Google Scholar.

Search across your favorite search engines in one go. Multiple results can be imported directly into your library with a single click.


Take advantage of the full screen reader.

Papers helps you focus on the task at hand. Highlight, underline, strike through and add sticky notes. Switch between different documents with tabs. Plus you can also view supplemental files and an offline copy of the article you're reading directly in the application.


Throw out those folders of uncategorized documents and let Papers organize your documents.

Papers automatically renames and organizes documents according to your preferences. When you import references that you have access to, Papers automatically downloads the full text article. 85+ document types are supported.

Always in sync

Keep your personal library synchronized across all your devices.


Citing has never been easier. Format references in one of 7,000+ citation styles.

Whether you use an existing style sheet, or your own custom made style, make magic happen with Magic Citations in almost any application. Because research goes beyond manuscript writing.

Papers also works seamlessly with Manuscripts, a unique writing tool with an entirely new take on scholarly writing.


"Make it your personal library of research!"

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