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What is ReadCube Checkout?

Whether you're a researcher supplementing your existing subscription access, or an enthusiast who needs a few papers here and there, ReadCube Checkout lets you rent and purchase articles instantly and affordably.

How Does It Work?

When you find an article ReadCube's Web Reader, Desktop app or one of our publishing partners websites (, you’ll be presented with unique access options: Rent, Cloud or PDF.

Rent Cloud PDF
Time Limit 48 hours No limit No limit
Enhanced PDF Features
  • - Annotation and highlighting tools
  • - Access to all related article data
  • - Dynamic bibliography
Exclusively through ReadCube Desktop, Mobile Apps and Web Reader
Available Offline via ReadCube Desktop and Mobile Apps via ReadCube Desktop and Mobile Apps Yes (via any PDF viewer)
Printable No No Yes
Save PDF to your Desktop No No Yes

What Journals are Available?


ReadCube Checkout is proud to offer over 250 journal titles from Nature Publishing Group and Wiley Publishing. Titles include: Nature Magazine, Nature Communications, Nature Reviews, Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Materials.

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