The JAMA Network Partners with ReadCube to Widen Reach of Its Collection

The American Medical Association (AMA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Boston-based publishing software company ReadCube. Through ReadCube’s Discover service, all 12 JAMA Network titles, published by the American Medical Association, including JAMAJAMA Internal Medicine, and the newest journals, JAMA Oncology and JAMA Cardiology have been indexed, with their discoverability bolstered via ReadCube’s web, desktop, and mobile reading portals, search engines, and recommendation feeds.

“Our goal is to provide our readers the highest quality peer-reviewed original research, commentary and clinical content,” said Thomas J. Easley, The JAMA Network’s Senior Vice President and Publisher, “We believe that incorporating Readcube’s tools will help us achieve that goal.”

Beyond indexing within ReadCube’s suite of scholarly tools, all JAMA Network articles will be readable in ReadCube’s signature “enhanced” article format. This innovative technology includes helpful features such as hyperlinked in-line citations, annotations, clickable author names, direct access to supplemental content and figures, social sharing, and Altmetrics.

Working with the AMA brings an exciting addition to our platform.” says Robert McGrath, CEO of ReadCube, “This partnership enables in increase the level of support we can offer students, researchers, physicians and other healthcare professionals.  


About The JAMA Network and the American Medical Association

Building on a tradition of editorial excellence, The JAMA Network brings JAMA together with 11 specialty journals to offer enhanced access to the research, viewpoints, and medical news shaping medicine today and into the future. Published continuously since 1883 by the American Medical Association, JAMA is one of the most widely circulated, peer-reviewed, general medical journals in the world. The American Medical Association is the premier national organization dedicated to empowering the nation’s physicians to continually provide safer, higher quality, and more efficient care for patients and communities.


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