Publisher Solutions

We deliver researcher-focused, state-of-the-art technology guaranteed to enhance on-platform reader engagement, grow readership, and expand revenue channels for our publishing partners.

Our Areas of Expertise

Researcher-Centric Design

We work closely with researchers throughout the design and development process to create innovative, highly usable and accessible products which drives engagement and value to our client partners.


With ReadCube's advertising platform, partners can extend journal advertising and society branding beyond their platform. Through ReadCube's interactive PDF environment, double the opportunity for both impressions and engagements.

eCommerce / Document Delivery

Streamline purchasing across your platform and extend sales across ReadCube’s web, desktop and mobile applications. Our e-commerce and document delivery services have proven to increase readership and revenue with its innovative access options and user-friendly design.

Enhanced Discovery

Expand discovery of your content across ReadCube & Digital Science network of scholarly tools. Our free discovery service optimizes your collections and drives readers to full-text COUNTER supported channels.

Article Visualization

Our interactive PDF technology can be seamlessly integrated into your platform, keeping readers onsite and connected. Optimized for streaming, our Enhanced PDFs load faster than any traditional PDF in the browser and leverages existing investments in metadata.

Sharing Technologies

Our advanced sharing technology enables our publishing partners to fully customize their own sharing programs. Drive readership while offering authors a powerful tool to promote their work.

Case Studies

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