Papers community

Papers would not have been developed to where it is today without the support from many dedicated users. Papers fans span many disciplines, and can be found around the world. If you have enjoyed using Papers, and would like to tell others about it, we want to help you spread the word. On this page you will find some materials you can use to promote Papers at your institute. You may also want to tell your librarian about Papers, and perhaps your institution will support access to Papers in the future.

If you are giving a presentation, and are mentioning Papers, we would love to hear about it. We may also be able to support you with additional materials. For this, get in touch with

Recommend Papers

If Papers has had a positive impact on your workflow, then maybe you would want to tell others about Papers. You can also purchase Papers for a friend or colleague, and give the gift of productivity. If you simply want to recommend Papers to a friend, or ask your librarian to consider an institutional license, fill out this form to send your recommendation.

Papers Ambassadors

Are you a long-standing Papers user? A fan of all things Papers? Know all the pro-features? Want to help others discover Papers? Then we are looking for you! The Papers Ambassador program consists of a small and select group of individuals who want to promote Papers at their institution, or within their corporation. For more information on the program, and how to get involved, contact us at