Maney Publishing Announces Partnership with ReadCube to Widen Reach of Its Collection.

All articles will also be enhanced with advanced interactive features available only within ReadCube’s reading environments.

Maney Publishing, an independent publisher of over 170 peer-reviewed journals, is pleased to announce its partnership with Boston-based publishing software company ReadCube. Through ReadCube’s Discover service, over 100,000 articles from Maney Publishing will be indexed, with their discoverability bolstered via ReadCube’s web, desktop, and mobile reading portals, search engines, and recommendation feeds.

“Our ongoing mission is to make our content available to the widest possible audience.” says Helen Duce, Head of E-Publishing, “By working with ReadCube, we can continue to support scholarly research and discovery everywhere through technology that aids our readers in their search for scholarly literature, provides them with an enhanced user experience once they find what they are looking for, and simultaneously promotes research and innovation in publishing globally.”

ReadCube Discover fully enhances scholarly content within ReadCube’s suite of scholarly tools, both in terms of aforementioned discoverability, but also in terms of reading experience. To the latter, all articles from Maney Publishing will be readable in ReadCube’s signature “enhanced” reading interface, which includes helpful features such as hyperlinked in-line citations, annotations, clickable author names, direct access to supplemental content and figures, social sharing, and altmetrics.

“Researchers spend an incredible amount of time seeking, reading, and staying on top of the latest literature in their fields.” says Robert McGrath, CEO of ReadCube, “With Maney Publishing, we can together support and streamline researchers work throughout the research cycle.”

About Maney Publishing

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