Dimensions + Anywhere Access

We are extremely thrilled to be part of a collaborative effort with Dimensions and ReadCube to create Anywhere Acces. Dimensions was built as a community-driven tool designed to help researchers in all areas of the research lifecycle. Starting from the discovery stage, Dimensions utilizes Anywhere Access technology to provide instant 1-click access to the full-text PDF for Open Access content. For subscribing institutions, that instant full-text access extends to include any institutional subscriptions holdings as well.

How does 1-click full-text access work?

The cloud-based technology behind Anywhere Access allows researchers to not only search across multiple platforms but also physically search wherever they may be. Anywhere Access works with SSO and institutional proxies so researchers can continue to discover the latest literature both on and off campus.

Rather than a friction-filled, multi-step process that leaves researchers feeling more confused and without the article, users will see the familiar PDF icon. After clicking the “View PDF” button access to the full text of an article appears in seconds. And that’s it – no extra clicks, tabs or scrolls to find the article.

Additionally, another great feature of Anywhere Access is that Dimensions users never leave the page they are viewing. The selected article will appear in a shadow box on top of the discovery page, so all search filters are saved.

The Trifecta

What’s more, Anywhere Access streams the full-text PDF in ReadCube’s popular Enhanced PDF format adding an extra layer of interactive reading and connecting you to all the materials you need.

A feature unique to ReadCube that we are all excited to have through Anywhere Access and Dimensions is the is the ability to view and download supplemental files automatically. For supplemental video materials, effortlessly watch them from your current window, without navigating away from your article or browser tab! For supplemental video materials, effortlessly watch them from your current window, without navigating away from your article or browser tab!

Within the article, readers are able to see hyperlinked author names and in-line citations that link out to the cited article. Figures are also viewable in-line, so you never have to scroll to a different page to view the material! Also, stay organized while you read by using the highlighter function (choose among four different colors) and add notes anywhere on the article.

When you’re finally done making and highlighting the article, use the “Add to ReadCube” button in the top menu to save the references (or PDF if available) to your complimentary ReadCube library. There is no limit to the number of items you can save to your ReadCube library from Dimensions. You can even see articles you’ve already added, saving you even more time to discover new content.

Also with all the Top Panel and Side Panel features ReadCube users know and love are also available so you truly never have to leave the screen you are on!

Christian Herzog, CEO of Dimensions said:

“Anywhere Access and Dimensions are a perfect match: a powerful discovery tool with 95m publications and 4 billion links, paired with the technology to get instant access to the full-text articles licensed by the own organisation – is the killer application everybody has been waiting for. Cross-publisher discovery and compliant access brokering realised as a smart and almost invisible piece of infrastructure, allowing the user to lawfully access content on almost every location…”

While Anywhere Access works with a multitude of third-party websites, we can’t help but be excited of this perfect trifecta among Dimensions, Anywhere Access and ReadCube. Together, they remove friction and provide a seamless and interactive workflow for researchers.

Start discovering and accessing content today – sign up for a Dimensions account at https://app.dimensions.ai. Try out all of ReadCube’s reference manager and citation functionality, with a free 30-day trial!