Introducing ReadCube Access for the University of Utah

To use ReadCube Access, just download and install the ReadCube desktop app

ReadCube Access is a new way to gain access to scholarly journal articles, pioneered by the Marriott Library and ReadCube

Simply put: if you, as a researcher, come across an article that you do not have access to through a library subscription, you still may be able to download it instantly without having to pay with personal or lab funds. Currently this one-of-a-kind service is only available at the University of Utah and for publications from the Nature Publishing Group. A list of journals in the program are available here.

Utah 1 Once you have the app, you're ready to get started acquiring Nature content. There are several ways to find articles inside the ReadCube application, such as searching PubMed or Google Scholar, or navigating inline citations made clickable via the ReadCube's Enhanced PDF feature. For Nature content, you'll see the "Instant Access via University of Utah" option.

Utah 2 Clicking "Get Article" will present you with the first page instantly. In the meantime, ReadCube will determine whether or not you have subscription access to the article through the Marriott library. If you do, the remaining pages download automatically. If the Marriott library does not have a subscription, ReadCube will present you with purchase options. Choose whether you'd like to rent or buy the article to get instant access, and the library covers the cost.

Important Information

ReadCube Access represents a novel access model that will allow users to read more content while saving the library money. Articles purchased via ReadCube Access are intended to be read only by the purchasing user. Therefore, these articles cannot be printed, opened in another application, or sent to a colleague. You may, of course, read them as often as you like, annotate and highlight them, and cite them in manuscripts. Rental articles are effectively the same as purchases, but are only available for 48 hours. ReadCube Access is available for most, but not all members of the University of Utah community. For more information on eligibility, please visit the FAQ.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 85KB)
  • About ReadCube

    Aside from being a portal to Nature content, ReadCube is also a simple and intuitive way to acquire, organize, read and cite scholarly articles. It's packed with useful features such as full-text search, personalized article recommendations and a faster, simpler way to find and download articles that you need. Click the thumbnail to watch the introductory video and learn more. To help you make the most of your ReadCube experience, don't forget to take the in-app tour, and watch our Boot Camp series.

    If you're a library or a publisher interested in learning more about ReadCube Access, contact Phill Jones at phill.jones@readcube.com