The ReadCube Web Reader

bring the article PDF to life

The ReadCube web reader brings a rich web experience to article PDFs.

ReadCube screenshot

See the article supplement, associated news and views and editor comments, all in once place.

Clickable in-line references link directly to the articles.

Add articles and annotations directly to your library

We work with publishers to give readers the features and content they want, in the place they want it.

Among the features that the ReadCube web reader can deliver to your journal's website:
  • Fast viewing of article PDFs within the browser, straight from the journal website
  • Clickable in-line references - direct links to articles referenced
  • Integrated view of the supplement, associated news & views, editor's comments, and more
  • Highlighting and annotation directly in the browser
  • Direct links to related articles on journal website
  • Download of annotated PDFs straight into ReadCube desktop library for additional functionality.

Article PDFs don't have to be static anymore. An enhanced PDF viewing experience with ReadCube means more traffic, more views, and more benefit to your customers.

For more information about ReadCube web reader, please contact info@readcube.com

See ReadCube Web Reader in Action