Search and Download tips

In this video, you'll learn how to use ReadCube's built-in search to find articles in a flash. Plus, refine your search with author, title, or journal search terms, and use ReadCube's direct download function to get the full text in one click.

Enhanced PDF

With more than 10 million articles supported, ReadCube's Enhanced PDF functionality puts all the information at your fingertips. Learn how to gather an article, plus references, supplements, and much more in this brief tutorial video.

Annotating Your Articles

In this video, you'll learn how to keep track of your thoughts in ReadCube as you read articles. In less than 90 seconds, you'll become an expert at marking the most relevant passages with the highlighting tool, and jotting down your thoughts with in-line comments.

Organizing Your Articles With Lists

Just like playlists in iTunes, ReadCube lists are an easy way to group articles in your library without changing the file locations on your computer. You can use lists to group articles together for a manuscript you're writing, by a particular topic, for a class you're taking, or any other way you'd like.

Exporting Citations

Now that you've used ReadCube to discover the latest research and organize it the way you like, you have several options for exporting your references. You probably have your own favorite citation tool, so ReadCube supports direct export to EndNote, as well as export to .bib (BibTeX) files and .ris files, which are compatible with many of the citation tools out there. This week's video demonstrates direct EndNote export, but you can learn about the other export options at our support page.