1 Materials Research 2006 Vol: 9(2):. DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392006000200012

Pulp response of anionic lyophilized collagen matrix with or without hydroxyapatite after pulpotomy in dog's teeth

The aim of the present study was to evaluate histologically the pulp response of anionic lyophilized collagen matrix with or without hydroxyapatite as a biomaterial pulp-capping agent in pulpotomy of dogs' teeth. Sixty pre-molar roots from three dogs were used. After pulpotomy, the remaining pulp tissue was capped with one of the following materials: Group I (20 roots): anionic lyophilized collagen matrix; Group II (20 roots): anionic lyophilized collagen matrix associated with hydroxyapatite; Group III (10 roots): calcium hydroxide (p.a.) paste in saline; Group IV (10 roots): zinc oxide eugenol cement. After 90 days the animals were killed by anesthetic overdose and the teeth were removed and submitted to histological processing. According to the histopathological results, we concluded that the zinc oxide eugenol cement and anionic lyophilized collagen matrix with or without hydroxyapatite did not present satisfactory pulp response and that calcium hydroxide is the suitable material for pulpotomy.

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