1 1962 Vol: 196(4857):891-892. DOI: 10.1038/196891a0

Free Radicals formed during the Oxidation and Reduction of Peroxides

  1. DIXON, W. T.; NORMAN, R. O. C.Dyson Perrins Laboratory, University of Oxford.THE reduction of hydrogen peroxide by transition metal ions is thought to involve hydroxyl radicals as intermediates1. We have found that dilute solutions of titanous ion and hydrogen peroxide (about 10-2 M) react together to form a free radical of short life. This has been observed by using a flow system in which the reactants are mixed just before entering the cavity of a Varian electron spin resonance spectrometer. The spectrum is a single line near g = 2, width about 3 gauss, the intensity of which at maximum flow-rate is proportional to [Ti3+] and [H2O2] when these are low.The radical may be -OH or 'O2H, according to the reactions1: , .