1 2011 Vol: 94(12):2231-2238. DOI: 10.1002/hlca.201100173

Isoprenoids and Flavonoids with Antimicrobial Activity from Ficus conrauiWarburg (Moraceae)

A new triterpene, conrauidienol (1), and a new dihydroflavonol, conrauiflavonol (2), along with β-amyrin acetate (3), betulinic acid (4), ursolic acid (5), 6β-hydroxystigmasta-4,22-dien-3-one (6), 8-prenylapigenin (7), β-sitosterol glucoside (8), and 3,4′,5-trihydroxy-6″,6″-dimethylpyrano[2,3-g]flavone (9) were isolated from the stem barks of Ficus conrauiWarburg (Moraceae). Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic analysis. The hexane, AcOEt, and MeOH extracts, as well as the new isolated compounds exhibited selective antimicrobial activities varying from weak to moderate.